Watering tips for your garden

There are basically two techniques for watering the plants in garden

1. Frequent watering
2. Rear watering

Frequent watering : Here water has to be given in small quantity at regular interval of times like twice or thrice in day by this will help plants to be more green and healthier but this technique holds good during December to May it is because during this Time the dryness is seen more and temperature will also be high so plants tend to dry so better to give small quantity of water more than once in a day.

Rare technique: here water can be given once in a day from June till November and during these days when it rains no need to give water on that day because plants will be wet and giving additional water will result in loss of nutrients because when excess water flows out of pot or grow bag then nutrient also flows out along the water so water can be given once in a day and no need to give water the day when rain comes.